Monday, November 26, 2012

Fakta Extreme - Malaysian Health Statistic by MOH

Do you know how many Malaysians are diagnosed with critical health and medical conditions in year 2010/ 2011?

What medical surgeons can do for you is to cure your physical and some mental sicknesses. But what they certainly can not do is to solve your financial illnesses. One especially caused by your deteriorating health conditions if not monitored and planned for wisely.  

On average, 6,500 people died from car accidents on a yearly basis.

6 in every 100 Malaysians are diagnosed with Diabetic related diseases.

1 in every 10 Malaysians have Kidney related diseases.

1 in every 4 Malaysians faces the risk of any Cancer!

In every hour, there are 6 Malaysians are hit by Stroke!

Question of The Day: Are you ready to take care of your health?

Sources from:
Ministry of Health Malaysia

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Source from :
Patient of the Disease

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